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A little bit about Tom & Priscilla

Travel Photography Blog Tom Schmidt Priscilla Schmidt Chicago

Wherever you have friends, that’s your country. Wherever you receive love, that’s your home.
-Dalai Lama on Tibetan sayings

Tom Schmidt

An adventure enthusiast & photo creator aspiring to be a citizen of the world. Tom is a curious explorer and is known to wander out and about anywhere… just to see what’s out there.  He finds joy in a life of adventure near and far.

Tom funds his travel expeditions with the nickels he makes with his day job as a portrait and commercial photographer in Chicago. Tom’s passion for exploration has led him to take all kinds of assignments just for the adventure, even if it means driving from Chicago to the Atlantic Ocean.  Drive 4000 miles through 12 states in 4 weeks… why not, right?

Tom is not much for itinerary planning (he leaves that all up to Priscilla), but has a knack for expertly packing bags and cooking amazing meals in all situations. He’ll be the guy cutting fresh brussels sprouts and hand grinding coffee on the campsite.

Tom’s Motto
“All places are for exploring and all adventures are worth enjoying.  Let’s Go!”

[email protected]   |  312.971.6769
Tom’s other projects and professional sites:
Eat with Tom   |   SCHMIDTphoto   |   WalkThru360



Priscilla Schmidt

Like many people, Priscilla spends a lot of time in corporate America. She dreams of traveling in her sleep, and plot out the dreams when she wakes up. Her parents are avid travelers, taking her on trips ever since she was a wee baby. She believes that was how she caught the traveling bug, which she is grateful to her parents for. She thinks of herself as a world nomad.